05 June, 2010

i 'll be right here waiting for you

we walked as if we were again together, we were so close. you hugged me and I hugged you back full of love. We looked each other and i could feel you wanting me.I was so happy..we walked around as never before. it's was the first time we walked hugged.we saw a black jamaica looking guy. you told me he was worthlistening and we stood watching him singing the"i will be right here waiting for you" by Bryan Adams. the lyrics were what I wanted to tell tou.You didn't know the song but it didn't matter. It was the most appropriate song for that moment. then we walked to the train station. I wanted you to kiss me as a goodbye, but I knew you wouldn't. we kissed me on cheeks and you said goodnight.I could see it through your eyes that you wanted to kiss me, but... we 've said we will keep a friendship.you may are not in love with me but there are times when you need me and you show it by calling me just to tell me your problem. cause i will always listen to you,cause I always need you,
cause i will be right here waiting for you...

I will be right here waiting for you-Bryan Adams

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